Numerous industries such as those involved in manufacturing, processing, storing or transportation of flammable materials and commercial canters rely on a flame monitoring system for safety.At the core of the system is a crucial component – the flame detector.The flame detector is basically an optical sensor which detects the heat and communicates to a control board.

The optical sensor is designed to be sensitive to radiation emitted at diverse wavelengths in different spectral bands.One key advantage of the optical flame detector is its remote detection ability of even a small size fire from a long distance.


The following are the key applications of flame detectors:

  • Fume cupboards factories, felt manufacture
  • Atria, coal handling and waste handling
  • Nuclear industry, pharmaceuticals, and metal fabrication
  • Agriculture and power plants
  • Printing, spray booths, tunnels
  • Aircraft hangers, clothing dryers and high voltage equipment
  • Engine test facilities and engine rooms
  • Generators and storage tankers

Product Types

40/40 Series Flame Detectors: The 40/40 range includes IR3, combined UV/IR, single UV types, single IR type as well as a new Multi IR Detector which provides combined hydrocarbon and hydrogen flame detection.

  1. 40/40I IR3 Flame Detector
  2. 40/40UFI Ultra Fast Triple IR(IR3) Flame Detector
  3. 40/40L-LB UV/IR Flame Detector
  4. 40/40UFL Ultra Fast UV/IR Flame Detector
  5. 40/40L4-L4B UV/IR Flame Detector
  6. 40/40U-UB UV Flame Detector
  7. 40/40 Single IR Flame Detector
  8. 40/40Multi IR Flame Detector

20/20 Series Mini Flame Detectors: The 20/20 range also includes Mini IR3 and Mini UV/IR detectors which offers a lower cost, lower power, compact design in a general purpose format. The 20.20MI IR3 is also available as intrinsically safe approved.

  1. 20/20MI Mini IR3 Flame Detector
  2. 20/20ML Mini UV/IR Flame Detector
  3. 20/20MPI Commercial IR3 Flame Detector