FireRay Beam smoke detectors are the wide area smoke detection technology of choice, offering both excellent detections and value for money. With a high area of coverage per unit (as high as m2 for some units), beam smoke detectors offer more simplified wiring, installation and maintenance than other detection types.As a result, beam smoke detectors are the best fire technology for wide area coverage.

A beam smoke detector works on the principle of obscuration. The beam detector sends out an invisible infra-red (IR) beam of light that the receiver measures. If smoke is present in the air then this obscures, or blocks, the light received by the receiver, lowering the amount of light. When enough smoke is in the air, the IR light level will drop below a set level, which then triggers an alarm signal.


  • Fast automatic beam alignment from ground level
  • Compensates for building movement by realigning or lens contamination by readjusting the beam to achieve the correct received signal during its installed lifetime
  • Minimises false alarms in applications where reflective surfaces or direct sunlight are present
  • Raises the ambient temperature of a detector lens, making it hard for condensation to form
  • Considerable savings in installation and cost
  • Lowers installation costs
  • Ensures precise alignment of the detector and the reflector in the optical path


Our Fireray® range is the perfect solution for areas that you want to protect that are open and have high ceilings such as auditoriums, warehouses, airports and historical buildings. With its easy first fix system, and knockout features, it allows for both ease of wiring and quick alignment.

Fireray® 50R/100R: Reflective Beam Smoke Detector

Fireray® 3000: End-to-End Beam Smoke Detector

Fireray® 3000 Exd: End-to-End Explosive Proof Beam Smoke Detector

Fireray® 5000: Motorised Reflective Auto-Aligning Beam Smoke Detector